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How Mahir, founder of Habitual Money incorporates healthy habits in his daily routine

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I am self employed, which is nice. I'm building my own start up so I'm meeting with designers or potential coders. It's a personal finance app to help you understand your income and spending habits. It's very hands on, but it allowed me to kind of structure my day the way that I want. During the day I try to get the meetings done in the morning and then I have a deep work time in the afternoon and sometimes the evening.  After that I'll get dinner and then hang out with my girlfriend or play video games with the boys.

Do Something You Love

I used to live in Manhattan, and we had a pool right next to us which I used to swim in. I used my Garmin religiously just to track my swimming back in the day.That was my thing. Right now I'm trying to get into jump roping.  But  with swimming, It was something I could easily just get up and do because since I used to do it all the time growing up.

After moving, I haven't got back into a routine for working out since there's no easy gym or easy pool to go to over here... And then, you know, COVID happened. All the gyms were closed. Now just probably my most chill time is going on walks with my dog and my girlfriend. That's been super nice, especially during COVID. It's a reason to get out of the house multiple times a day and just destress, stop thinking about work, just chat about life and the future.

How do you feel when you don't get a chance to implement one of these healthy habits in your day?

I get stressed. Luckily, my dog needs to go out at least four times a day, so I exercise daily and blow off steam.

Working Out

I go to the gym. I did  the five by five, which is a workout plan which I've stuck with for a few months.
I like having  a schedule that is easy for me to follow, just like with swimming. Go there, do 100 laps, go home. It's simple. This way I don't have to invest cognitive energy to think about the workout I have to do every time I hit the gym.


Most of my work right now is developer heavy, so I'm coding all the time. So it's very organic and very fluid right now. I go to all my meetings that I need to. I just went through OnDeck, a few weeks ago and I had a lot of meetings in that because it's about networking and you're trying to meet a lot of people. So my schedule was a lot more rigid then.
But now it's a lot more fluid. I have three team syncs a week that are in my calendar. I also have one-on-one meetings for meeting the founders and talking about different things, networking and meeting friends. But besides, that is just sleep when I'm tired, work when I'm not.

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